Chargers and Cables

TechVirgin offers a captivating collection of chargers and cables. These are high-quality shell and wire has higher wear resistance and corrosion resistance, enhancing the anti-interference ability. Probably, among the best as well as one of the most outstanding developments of today is the Universal Serial Bus or the USB. This tool enables data to be conformed, stored as well as accessed quickly at anytime and also anywhere as long as there are compatible devices available. One of the main advantages of using USB cable television’s is their capacity to carry even more information per 2nd (12 mb/second) than parallel cables (115 kb/second). This implies much faster data transfer. An additional advantage that chooses an USB cable is that its port is smaller sized than parallel cable port. They provide high- performance, durability fast charging for i-phone, android & more. The adapter and chargers are very small as well as lightweight. Very portable one so that you can keep it in your wallet, bags & backpacks.

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